Afia Schwarzenegger Subtly Confirmed That Her Son James Is Gay As She Insults Tonardo

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Afia Schwarzenegger appears to be accepting that her son James is gay, as she challenges Tonardo to share photos and videos of her son to prove he’s gay.

Tonardo has been mocking Afia Schwarzenegger’s son for being gay for a long time, and on his birthday yesterday, he took advantage of the opportunity to do so, and his mother has responded angrily, daring him.

According to Afia Schwarzenegger, she will embrace her son and not throw him away, even if it turns out that he is gay, as Tonardo claims, and we wonder if she is embracing the possibility that her son is gay.

Some internet users have confirmed Tonardo’s claims. Still, Afia Schwarzenegger has been kicking against that all along, which makes us wonder if she is finally accepting that she will embrace her son regardless of his sexuality.


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