Abena Magis Arrested Over Fraudulent Acts With Her Lover

Abena Magis Arrested

There have been reports on social media with the tag “Abena Magis Arrested.”

Abena Magis’s arrest is reported to be in relation to cash belonging to her customers that have gone missing because the person in charge of her business’s finances is said to have fled.

David Bondze-Mbir shows a man named Claudio Wonder Magis, who claims to be Abena’s biological brother, begging with online followers to help him get his sister out of prison in one of the films published by another popular Facebook account.

“You all know Abena Manokekame; she’s my biological big sister and unfortunately, she is in some trouble. She was arrested in Takoradi over the weekend because she orders and imports things from China and from other places for people.

“However, the person handling the monies and ordering and tracking was her husband. Many of you didn’t know she was married. Unfortunately, (sic) only see her face and know her work so they assume she has their monies and they think she’s defrauded them.

“We need to raise GH¢11,000 to pay off the debtors at least so she can have her peace. She needs more than that because one of the debtors also took her to court and she has to battle that one as well,” he explained.

Wonder added that Abena Manokekame is presently at the Takoradi Prisons and needs the money as surety before her bail would be granted.

“Brothers and sisters, she is somebody joining people together in relationships and marriage but unfortunately, she is going through her own peril in her own marriage and I’m so sorry that it has to come to this,” he added.

While there has not been any official statement from the Ghana Police Service on the matter, GhanaWeb reports that has other posts from people believed to be among the affected customers in this case are calling out Abena Manokekame and wishing that she continues to stay in prison.


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