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A policeman Collapses During Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Procession

Elizabeth II's Funeral Procession

Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral Procession

Elizabeth II’s Funeral Procession: As Queen Elizabeth II approaches her ultimate resting place, fainting seems to be a recurring theme, maybe as a result of a police officer suffering a serious injury while participating in the procession for Her Majesty.

As the procession crossed The Mall in London, close to Parliament Square, the officer passed out on Monday morning. Guards were shifting positions as he started to sway and eventually passed out.

He was carried away on a stretcher when 2 other cops and medical personnel rushed to his assistance. His current state is unclear.

As we reported, one of the Royal guards took a rough fall at Westminster Hall last week … landing face-first on the ground while standing guard at the foot of the casket. He wasn’t the only one losing consciousness Wednesday — 41-year-old Lady Gabriella Windsor, the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, collapsed earlier in the service.

Elizabeth II's Funeral Procession

Her husband, Thomas Kingston, rushed to her aid … she reportedly regained consciousness but was missing from the rest of the event.


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