AK Songstress Reveals Her Truth About Ghanaian Music Industry Practices

Ghanaian singer, AK Songstress, in an interview with Abeiku Santana, defends her viewpoint of how she perceives the Ghanaian music industry.

AK Songstress, an enormous vocalist in Ghana, and also the pioneer of the smash tune Jonathan, has shared a very substandard version and interpretation, of how her assumptions for other people’s altruistic sense of assistance, looks like especially with regards to her work.

AK Songstress
A K Songstress

The entertainer, broadened her visualizations to Abeiku Santana, in an interview, clearly underlining her thoughts, in which she states that functioning in the Ghanaian music industry has shown her numerous things, with her main focus point, stressing on not having elevated standards of anyone who has a pull in the music business.

The unwavering singer, unequivocally standing for her beliefs, asserted that, assuming you expect a lot from others, you will wind up disheartened and broken. The nugget of insight she so explained, was that you can draw in clients on the off chance they benefit from any established alliance achieved between you and them.

AK Songstress
A K Songstress

A K Songstress, delving deep into her words of understanding, made known to the host, Abeiku, the following remarks.

“Through my experience, I’ve realised that no one will dedicate him or herself to supporting you unless the person has an personal interest in what you do. It could be money, some help or some shine.

“Aside from that, everything else rests with you, your God and your team but don’t expect…artists we collaborated with even refused to post the music so what else would you expect another person to do for you?

AK Songstress
A K Songstress

“Expecting too much from people will leave you bitter and brokenhearted. Personally, I don’t expect any individual (an artist or blogger) to support me so such. I appreciate everyone who has supported me but if you don’t support me, I don’t feel so disappointed.,”


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