What Do You Want From Me? Tell Me – Frustrated Black Sherif Shouts At Twitter Troll

The second sermon hitmaker, Black Sherif has had enough of Ghanaian media attacking him for a decision he took concerning his music career.

Black Sherif has been on the trending list for the past few weeks, the first and Second Sermon hitmaker has been dragged on many media platforms after shocking news broke that he had left his team and signed a deal with another label.

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Many have described him as an ungrateful being and his move as selfish for dumping the team which made him who he is for one that is rich.

black Sherif

Although he has explained countless times what really happened, his side of the story is brushed aside every time he speaks.

Black Sherif has become a villain in his own story and everything he says is used against him.

An example is a statement he made on a Nigerian radio station that has brought him under ridicule.

Black Sherif said in Nigeria, he freely walks around without protection but he cannot do the same in Ghana.

It was a harmless statement but trolls came at Black Sherif saying he was speaking badly about his country.

The trolls claimed Black Sherif was exposing the bad security in the country by saying he cannot walk safely and alone in Ghana.

Black Sherif saw a Twitter post suggesting the above and he came barking at the writer.

He asked what Ghanaians want from him and why they keep making him the bad person.

Black Sherif said he never said he does not feel safe in Ghana but said he cannot walk alone on the street because he is famous and might get mobbed whereas he does that in Nigeria because no one really knows him.

SOURCE: www.ghnewslive.com