Yvonne Nelson Describes Nana Addo As ‘Hardened-Heart Pharaoh’ In Social Media Post

Yvonne Nelson is applying more heat on H.E Nana Addo, over the unendurable monetary difficulties Ghanaians are being forced to swallow in the country.

The blunt Ghanaian entertainer who has been an open pundit of the current NPP government, presently depicts the Ghanaian president as the heartless Egyptian Pharaoh, known scripturally for going against the desire of God.

Yvonne Nelson by means of a post shared on Twitter depicts the sitting Ghanaian President as a “heardened-heart Pharaoh”.

This wouldn’t be the only time Yvonne Nelson has slammed Nana Addo over issues of financial difficulties in Ghana. In a new post, she said, “Mr President, his eye drop (xalacom) was 120ghc , its now 273ghc and even 300ghc in some pharmacies. I need to use this every evening, without it, the pressures on my eye will go up and will result in glaucoma. How many Ghanaians do you…”

Akufo-Addo & Yvonne Nelson.

In her most recent step, the actress changed her Twitter profile to an image that tags H.E Nana Addo as the Egyptian king. The image which comes with a photograph of the President, also comes with a text that peruses, “and God kept hardening Pharaoh’s heart.”

In the wake of making the image her Twitter profile photograph, she tweeted it on her timeline, sparking a wide range of varying responses from her admirers.

“The other Pharaoh was very handsome,let us not compare the two.Lucifer was a crown son nd king of the lords kingdom but because of his arrogance, wickedness, greediness wanted every thing for himself God dethroned him!,” a text read.

A different seconding remark additionally indicated, “God we know we have all sinned but please this punishment you are paying us is too much to bear”.

In any case, others categorized Yvonne’s tweet as an irreverence to the President, as one Twitter user, @shaed_i said “show some respect to my president”.

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