You’re A Prostitute If You Take Money From Your Husband Before Sex – Diana Hamilton States

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Diverse award-winning Ghanaian Gospel singer, Diana Hamilton, has portrayed wives or spouses who accept money or cash from their husbands as prostitutes.

There have been certain instances where by there’s been reports and assertions of the state of cycle where a couple of women mount pressure on their male counterparts for cash or other gift related items before they consider the option of engaging in sexual pleasures.

During a talk session on TV XYZ, the remarkable songstress descended on ladies who have been requesting for cash and gift items from their male counterparts prior to having sex. She rained fury on such ladies with an acute intensity, saying that they are not in anyway, warranted to take such distasteful tactics.

Diana Hamilton.

Stating the magnitude of how wrong it is for women to entertain this approach, she said, “If you take money from your husband for sex it means you are a prostitute. If it happens that way then that is prostitution. A woman who does that is equal to a commercial sex worker.”

“Why do you have to wait till sex time before you demand money from your husband? Taking money from your husband before sex is not right,” she underlined.

Diana Hamilton proceeded on further by prompting men who additionally deprive their wives the obligation of giving them a requisite provision of care, that they ought to do all they can within their strength to accommodate them in order to veer away from any sort of obstacle that could potentially obliterate their marriages.

“And to that man when the woman needs something give it to her”, she demanded.

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