Young Man Flies His Girlfriend On Private Plane to Celebrate One Month Dating Anniversary

Young Man

A young man has made waves online after redefining romance and setting the standard for others to follow in pushing their relationships to new heights.

To mark their one year anniversary, the young man who goes by the name Sammy decided to take his woman on a flight to celebrate the special occasion.

He seems to have chartered the plane from a flight training school as the name on the craft belonging to an aviation academy suggests.

He shared photos displaying the moment they both got on the plane and headed to their intended destination. ”For our one month anniversary, i took my baby for a flight,’‘ he captioned the images.

Away from that; In the video below, you’ll see what horrible and dangerous things Slay Queens do for money. Please God, make it easy for everyone to have money so that things like this don’t happen.

If you’re on the search for an excuse to adopt a furry friend, look no further. As illustrated, dogs have always been “man’s best friend,” but it turns out they can also be a woman’s best sleeping partner.

A Slay Queen who gave her name as Mona Gucci has told the world stories of how Ghanaian Slay Queens are being sodomized and forced to sleep with dogs all in the name of getting some dollars to flaunt on social media in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In an interview on Accra-based Neat FM monitored, Mona said some ladies in Ghana and Nigeria have been made the stooges of Dubai-based rich men who sodomize women for just pleasure during their leisure.

Mona Gucci, shockingly dropped the bomb when she added that these slaying queens are also forced to sleep with dogs while the rich men in Dubai sit and watch for the pleasure of it.

In her pathetic account, she revealed how this group of rich men come together and play the game of ‘truth or dare’ and sometimes get all their friends to sleep with just one lady.

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