Woman Found Breathing Inside Coffin At Her Funeral

Woman Found Breathing Inside Coffin At Her Funeral

Woman Found Breathing Inside Coffin

An inquiry into the hospital was started when a 76-year-old lady who was certified dead at a hospital in Ecuador stunned her family by pounding on her coffin at her wake.

Bella Montoya, a retired nurse, was rushed to the hospital on Friday after experiencing what could have been a stroke and cardiac arrest. According to Ecuador’s health ministry, a doctor on duty ruled her dead after she did not react to resuscitation efforts.

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When his mother was rushed to the ER, Barbera said she was asleep. A few hours later, a doctor informed Barbera that his mother was dead and gave him her identification papers and a death certificate.

Later that evening, on June 9, the family was attending a wake for her after having taken her to a funeral home, when they noticed some weird noises.

Family members hurried Montoya back to the hospital in the capital city of Babahoyo, where the health minister claimed she was receiving critical treatment, according to Barbera. According to Barbera, she was being intubated and physicians weren’t giving her family members much hope for the future.

A technical committee had been established to examine how the hospital issued death certificates, according to the ministry, who also claimed to be looking into the doctors involved in her case.


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