Wife Regrets After Spiritual Direction From Pastor Leaves Mother-In-Law Sick & Bed-ridden

A young Ghanaian wife is currently in despair after her scheme backfired and led to a very bad outcome.

This woman, whose name was supplied as Yaa, revealed it in a recent submission to Ms Nancy’s TV3 Confessions program. She claims that after being married, her mother-in-law began to visit from the United States and started being difficult for her.

She sought spiritual guidance from a preacher in an effort to persuade the woman to return to America, but as a result, her mother-in-law is now severely ill and bedridden.

Read her account here;

“I’ve been married for 4 years. We have two kids, but the problem is my mother-in-law. She’s been a huge setback in my marriage. She doesn’t live here in Ghana, but the past few months, she’s been back, and it’s been one issue to the other. It’s not been easy. Everything I do, she complains. Even the way I cook, take care of my children, and take care of my husband. She has an opinion about everything.

She’s been a huge problem even before we got married. She didn’t approve of our relationship. It was a struggle, but because my husband really loves me, we went ahead and got married. I have been praying about how she behaves since she got back. And so my pastor gave me something and asked me to pray and sprinkle it all over the house for seven days. He told me after some time, like a month, I would see the results.

Two weeks ago, I actually witnessed the results. My mother-in-law as I speak to you, right now, is bedridden. She can’t do anything. She can’t move a muscle. And now that’s another huge problem. I have been praying for her to go back. She can’t leave in this state. What do I do?”


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