‘How Do I Tell My Best Friend That Her Father Is The One Who Got Me Pregnant? – Lady

A young lady from Ghana has flooded the internet with her predicament and it has to be with her action and the result of her actions.

When she appeared on the TV3 program Confessions, which is hosted by the stunning Ghanaian host Ms. Nancy, this woman revealed her experience.

She claims that the father of her closest friend is the one who caused her to become pregnant. She is unsure of how to tell her best buddy the news right now.

She stated:

“A friend introduced me to her dad to help me because I need financial assistance to further my education. This man has been helpful. He has been there for me. The thing is we’ve been having an affair. Now I have completed University, and his wife is no more. I’m pregnant, and he wants to marry me.

After SHS, this man has been good. He treats me well. I love him, and we have a connection. I’m contemplating becoming my best friend’s stepmother.

I need help making a decision. I don’t know what to tell my friend. I don’t know if I should abort or keep the baby because I’m so much in love with this man, and I want to keep the baby. I feel I have betrayed my friend. I’m in love with her father.”


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