Why Did Sneako Get Banned From YouTube? Here Are The Reasons Behind His Suspension

Why Did Sneako Get Banned From YouTube

Why Did Sneako Get Banned From YouTube? Let’s investigate the causes of his suspension.

For those who are unfamiliar with YouTuber Sneako, He has been a popular YouTuber for almost ten years thanks to his channel Sneako. On this platform, he has been toiling since 2013.

On October 3, 2022, YouTube unfortunately blocked his channel. After his channel was shut down, he chatted with the YouTuber Strawberry Park and the hosts of the other two programs.

Also, Sneako’s YouTube channel peaked at the top in no time. Many people wonder why his videos are viral. His strategies are much similar to Andrew Tate, his idol. He even mimicked Tate’s affiliate marketing program “hustlers university.”

Sneako is known as an American YouTuber, internet celeb, and occasional stand-up comedian. His commentary and motivational videos on YouTube and TikTok grab netizens’ attention.

In addition, Niko launched his YouTube channel in April 2013, where he uploaded gaming videos. His track gained recognition in no time from viewers.

Why Did Sneako Get Banned From YouTube? Reasons Behind This Explained

Per HITC, Sneako, aka Niko Kenn De Balinthazy, is a well-known YouTuber. His channel Sneako got banned recently for violating the platform community guidelines. Niko has been a controversial creator now and then for his inappropriate comments about mental health.

If you scroll down videos on Google, you can see endless comments or videos shared by other prominent YouTubers addressing Sneako’s account should be terminated.

He is infamous for his friendship with Andrew Tale. 

According to Niko’s then-deleted post, he received an email from Youtube addressing his content has violated community guidelines. He posted the email on his Instagram to his 381k followers, confirming his suspension from YouTube. The email read: “After reviewing your content, they found severe or repeated violations of their Community Guidelines. Due to this, we have removed your channel from YouTube.”

The mail ends like this, if you believe we’ve made the wrong action, you can appeal this decision.” It’s unclear whether Sneako will appeal the decision or not. Since his banned from YouTube, the content maker has already been to two podcasts to discuss his suspension and YouTube career. It looks like no one can stop him.

Speaking about Niko’s early days, he initially started to upload gaming videos of popular video games, including COD.

The YouTuber soon realized his gaming videos hadn’t grabbed any subscribers, he decided to alter his content ideas and revamp his channel.

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