We Won’t Celebrate Until Prices And Cash Burden Goes Down – DKB Slams Prince David Osei Over Cedi Appreciation

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Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei and comedian, Derrick Kobina Bonney, have had hostile words of confliction over the actor’s remark, expressing enthusiasm for the cedi appreciation against the dollar.

During the past couple of days, the Ghanaian cedi has been appreciating against the American dollar. As of Tuesday, December 13, 2022, the US dollar depreciated, thusly, exchanging against the cedi at a purchasing pace of 11.4943 and a selling cost of 11.5058.

Half a month prior, the dollar was at first selling at GHC14.000. Considering this indication as an optimistic sign that the Ghanaian economy is getting back on its feet, the actor stormed Twitter to communicate relief over the change of events.

“Hallelujah the Cedi is appreciating remarkably. 9.56ghc to a 1$. The economy is gradually getting back on track!! Now we need to see the effect in our daily lives, goods and services.. God bless ????????,” the actor happily tweeted.

In any case, DKB contends that the sudden change does not merit praises, since it hasn’t impacted prices of goods and services, because they’re still as high as previously.

“A reducing exchange rate with no correlating reduction on food prices and fuel prices is useless,” DKB said as a response to the actor’s post, and that escalated the chit-chat into a profuse trade between the two.

Replying DKB after being struck with a jab, Prince David Osei said, “So would you have preferred the cedi went up to 20ghc per $ before the end of the year? We know we have issues as a country but let’s be hopeful for the small changes we seeing?”

DKB, in his reaction, took a verbal swing at Prince David Osei for still being biased and subjective towards the NPP government.

Strongly going against Prince David Osei with yet another provocative comment, DKB said, “You have no option but to celebrate small victories because you have committed to them and you owe allegiance. I don’t owe allegiance to any party, I talk for Ghanaians. Until prices reduce and cash burden on us goes down, we won’t celebrate any damn small Victories! Tueh!”

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