We only ask for MoMo from guys we don’t love – Young businesswoman

Young businesswoman

A young businesswoman has made it known that ladies only ask for momo from guys they don’t love.

Young businesswoman Dora Bamfo asserts that while women are incredibly patient and kind to the guys they love, they only want money from men they do not love.

It might be challenging for women to ask the men they care about for financial assistance because they already know about and support their hustle and are worried about their future together, according to Dora in an interview with Daily Hustle.

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She said she would never date someone who was unemployed.“I always say that a lady will never demand such things from her serious boyfriend. If I love you, I don’t bring that to you because we all know men suffer to make money.

“Girls do that when they notice that the guys are persistent and would give them all she demands. If a lady meets an older man, she knows she can’t be with him for long. So she will ask for rent, hair and all,” she disclosed.

In response to whether she might date a jobless man, Dora answered in the negative. She stated that she might accept a man who has a business.

“I’m sorry, we can’t date. I won’t also be able to support either. I’ve seen it happen. The lady caters to him, and eventually, when he succeeds, he says the lady is not on his level.

I know that some women do that to men too, but I have made up my mind not to date a jobless man,” Dora added.


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