Watch student record her friend screaming during s3x in a hostel

by Ghnewslive

See the moment a lady recorded her friend who was having s3x with her boyfriend in their hostel.

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It is gradually becoming normal for ladies nowadays to record their s3xual activities, day in and day out we hear or see s3xtapes of women online. Ladies nowadays do things that please their minds.

Today’s story is about a student who captured her female friend right inside their school hostel screaming while having fun with her partner.

The rate at which s3xual immoralities are filling the tertiary institutions is also becoming alarming as various days pass by with its issues. There was one leak that brought a lot of controversies in a nursing school and day in and day out we see more.

Either student are being caught in the act, or better still, their bathroom videos get are leaked by a friend or a partner.

The video below which currently is going viral shows the moment some Legon students in Ghana were recorded on video having fun as one of the lady’s screams could be heard all through the hostel as she got banged by her boyfriend in bed.

While this was going on, the roommate got up and began recording what was going on as she could not bear the sounds that were produced.

The act however was seen to be taking place in a mosquito net that was set around the double bed corner of the school hostel.

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