(Video) Lady cries profusely after a breakup with her boyfriend

by Ghnewslive
(Video) Lady cries profusely after a break up with her boyfriend

Another one in, a lady could not hold back her tears after she broke up with her boyfriend and this did not please her friends who were present when the drama ensued. 

It is becoming normal nowadays for guys and ladies to break up with their partners, though at the end of it one has to suffer the pains or the broken heart. And as a guy said not long ago, the broken heart will reach everybody.

Today we are here with another video of a lady who couldn’t hold back her tears after breaking up with her boyfriend. In a corresponding video, the Nigerian lady identified as Divine pulled the plugs on her relationship with her man over the phone, and surprisingly, she broke down in tears moments later.

Just like you would possibly be wondering why she was crying when she was the one who initiated the breakup, her friends equally enquired the same question from her as her behavior was not expected.

She was then advised by her friends to call her man and patch things up with her.

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