Video of Lady Giving Davido ‘Side Eye’ As He Performs No Competition at Concert Goes Viral

Video of Lady Giving Davido

A lady identified as Taiwo recently attended Davido’s concert, and she had mixed feelings towards him and his music

Following the commotion his claimed lovers have created on social media, a woman got the opportunity to express how many Nigerians feel about Davido.

At the singer’s event, a woman by the name of Taiwo had amusing reactions when he began singing No Competition from his Timeless album.

At the event, Taiwo danced and enjoyed herself, but she also used the chance to brand the singer a liar since it is obvious that his wife, Chioma, is involved in a number of contests.

The young girl gave the singer a sneer as well, implying that she didn’t believe him and that he was a hypocrite.


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