Video of Curvy Bridesmaids in Fitted Dresses Goes Viral With Over 1M Views Online


A video of bridesmaids making an eye-catching entrance as they enter a wedding celebration has gone viral on the internet.

WBT Empire posted video to Facebook showing the ladies all dolled up and dressed in baby blue form-fitting dresses dancing down the aisle and into the reception.

The caption on the post, which has over 1 million views, reads: They look amazing.”

The video elicited a wide range of reactions on the internet. While some people believed the costumes were a little too tight for the women, the majority of netizens thought they looked absolutely stunning.


Take a look at the video and some of the responses below:

Divya Muraleedharan responded: “Wow…. Look at them… How curvy are they… Amazing … They don’t need to spend thousands for plastic surgery… They have abundant blessings from nature. ❤”

Brooklynn Bourne shared: “They all look amazing!! Class & Style. Not a twerker amongst them. Love it!”

Winter Breeze said: “Beautiful dresses for marvellous figures.”

Louise Stephens reacted: “Wow what beautiful women and so classy.”

Marosi Sekhonyana wrote: “They look amazing all of them but the first one is fire.”

Marlon Paul commented: “Really nice wedding and bride maids, they killed it with they lovely moves and nice body shapes.”