Video Of A Lady Swallowing A Live Snake


There is a shocking video that has taken over the internet, and it’s all about a young lady from Johannesburg, South Africa putting a live snake into her mouth.

In the video which has since gone viral, the young lady who was at a club somewhere in Joburg can be seen confidently putting the live snake’s head into her mouth all the way deep to her throat.

The people who were around couldn’t believe their eyes and started recording the shocking scene.

After some time, he removed the live snake from her and later smiled at the camera which was recording her as if there was nothing out of the ordinary about what she had done.

The video which was shared by celebrity blogger Musa Khawula has since sparked mixed reactions on social media as viewers are questioning how she pulled that off with a supposedly live venomous snake.

Tweeps can not believe the extremes she went to put a snake head into her mouth.

Some tweeps were rather disgusted and scared by what she did. Critics echoed that the world was truly coming to an end.

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