[VIDEO] Couple Causes Stir On Social Media After Their Love-making Video Hits The Internet

[VIDEO] Couple Causes Stir On Social Media After Their Video Hits The Internet

A couple gets netizens talking after dropping their love-making video online.

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Videos of couples chilling and making love have been something we normally see online nowadays, some just give us the single guys and ladies some pressure, and others also pick some inspirations from. Whatever be the case we still move.

This Christmas is somehow starting very well for those who are already dating or married as the weather is doing them massive favor, but some of us are also looking forward to getting out lovers.

We had the chance to see a video circulating on social media where a very beautiful young lady and her ugly boyfriend were seen chopping love. This particular video has sparked so many conversations online as many netizens think the lady is dating this ugly guy because of his money.

But honestly, for the look of things, I don’t think this guy has money as many social media users are claiming, for me, I think it’s what we call true love. On the other side of those thinking otherwise, they are also claiming that a lady like that will not fall for this very dark or black guy not even for his money.

Now see the video below and share your opinion with us,

In other news, Madman causes a stir with his dancing moves after a voluptuous lady waved at him.

Anyway, let’s begin with the main concept. A mad man was wandering on the street looking for food. He just needed help from someone since he can’t help himself, he kept on walking about till he spotted a voluptuous lady.

Unfortunately, fortunately, I can’t show you her picture or display her side of the picture to you because of certain reasons, I hope you’ll understand.

He was staring at the lady, she became shy and intended to run but she was scared of, she then out of fear, rubbed her fingers across her hair and waved at the mad man.

Just then, his eyes widened with joy, and displayed some dancing moves I guess no one has ever seen before. He kept on dancing and never stopped till he called crowds.

I guess it was the happiest day of his life and that’s the way he could express it. Immediately the lady saw him dancing, she walked as fast as her foot could take her still watching the madman with the back of her eyes.