These Common Diseases Can Prevent A Man From Being Able to Impregnate A Lady


Are you aware that one specific infection or disease can prevent a man from getting a lady pregnant?

Fertility tests should always be directed to both man and woman in a relationship or planning to settle down. Most of the time, when married couples are struggling to get a child or the woman is not getting pregnant after so many trials, the attention is shifted on the man to go for fertility tests forgetting that both men and women can be infertile.

Today, we will see a portion of some particular diseases that can keep a man from getting a lady pregnant. If you are a man reading this article I will urge you to take some time and finish this because it is going to be helpful.

Now let talk about the diseases that can easily prevent a Man from being able to impregnate a woman?

1. Varicocele;

Varicocele is the number one on our list today and this disease is an ailment that can prevent a man from getting a lady pregnant. It is an ailment that emerges when varicose veins get enlarged in the scrotal sac of a man. Varicocele frequently creates on the left half of the testicles, and it is viewed as one of the main factors that cause barrenness in men however, in certain men it doesn’t influence their fertility.

Fortunately, varicocele can be treated through a proficient medical procedure and the affected man can recover top-notch sperm after certain years.

2. Immune system diseases;

We all know the fundamental function of the immune system is to fight diseases. But when the immune system gets affected by infections it can prevent a man from impregnating a lady. This happens when the counteracting agent begins battling against the sperm-delivering cells in the body, thereby leaving such a man infertile. This is a lot harder reason behind barrenness in men.

3. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea;

Now Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are all physically transmitted diseases that are capable of causing barrenness in men. However, this is viewed as a less serious cause of barrenness in men once the infection is treated, fertility should be bounced back. So if you are experiencing Gonorrhea, do well to see a specialist and get it dealt with to abstain from having issues getting a lady pregnant.

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