The Real cause of Tiwa Savage’s s3.x tape and its viral news

Tiwa Savage

Social media users were curious to know more about the alleged S3.xtape belonging to Tiwa Savage “African bad girl” after it was leaked.

Tiwa Savage’s s3.xtape was leaked not long ago and still, people are wondering how the blackmailer got hold of the video in the first place. This issue got to its peak after many social media users got hold of the video, but the alleged boyfriend who posted it on Snapchat and later deleted it has not come out to speak yet.

Tiwa savage

Tiwa Savage’s fans look so worried and not happy about what is going on from her camp, it was made known that one particular blogger whose name remains unknown for now saw the leaked video and downloaded it before it was deleted on Snapchat.

WATCH: Tiwa Savage’s Leaked S3.x Tape

She was allegedly threatened by a blackmailer who demanded some cash or he or she will publish the s3.x tape online. Tiwa on the other hand made it clear that no one will see the video they are looking for after she received the threat, in her own words she said “you will not see the video you are looking for”

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Tiwa Savage’s wish never came to pass as the video was eventually released. Though she tried to shift the attention of her fans and everybody from the issue but her plans didn’t work. See the video Here

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