The mother-in-law of Asantewaa talks about her marriage with her son.


The Issue about Asantewaa and her manager’s behavior on social media

Asantewaa, a Tiktok celebrity, and her manager made news in early January of this year after it was claimed by dishonest internet users that they were dating.

Many social media users erupted in anger at the socialite for defaming herself and her honorable and innocent spouse after the false charges went viral on the internet.

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Even though Asantewaa published a number of postings on her social media accounts disputing the claims that she was having an affair with her boss, many Ghanaians rejected her denial.

Others even went so far as to ask her in-laws to end her marriage to their son.

Finally speaking up about her daughter-in-alleged law’s affair with her manager is Asantewaa’s in-mother. law’s

Speaking in a phone-in interview with Abeiku Santana on OKAY FM, Asantewaa’s mother-in-law dismissed the claims that she’s not happy with how Asantewaa interacts with her manager.

She also expressed how happy she is for Asantewaa with reference to how far her career has climbed.

The happy mother-in-law also called on critics to stop attacking Asantewaa and her son Mr Jeffery because they are happy with their marriage irrespective of Asantewaa’s career choice.