List of the most corrupt police force(s) in the world; Nigeria takes the lead


As we all know, the police force is the primary security unit in any country responsible for maintaining peace and order.

Nothwitndating the fact that police officers would live exemplary lives by trying to live just lives, some of them are very corrupt and have no respect for law and order, especially in Nigeria.

In this article, we will be looking at the top 10 most corrupt police force(s) in the world.

1. Nigerian police force

World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI) in their statistics ranked Nigeria’s police as the worst police force in the world with an aggregate score of 0.255. We agree with this using the SARS division as a yardstick.

2. Congo Drc Police

The world Internal Security and police Index ranked Congo second. Could this be a ploy against just African countries? However, reports have shown a huge increase in corruption in the police force in Congo.

3. Mexico Police Force

According to reports, the income of these police officers is low thus they get involved in protecting drug traffickers. This is seen in most policemen in Mexico as there is a high amount of greed.

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4. Kenya Police

Corruption cuts across different sectors, although the world Internal Security and police Index ranked Kenya third, we feel they should be fourth because of the increase in corruption in the Kenyan police force.

5. Iraqi Police

This police force is known for participating in the kidnapping of citizens, payment of ransom, and bribery. That’s the height of it. People charge to protect you are the ones after you.

6. Sudan Police

They are known for beating citizens at checkpoints and taking bribes. Imagine getting flogged for refusing to drop something for them at the checkpoint, that’s sad.

7. Russian police force

High levels of Police brutality, extorting bribes, and developing the problems of the citizens are all the activities in which the police forces of Russia indulge.

8. Pakistan Police force

Arresting innocent citizens and taking bribes from them is the leading task of the police force of Pakistan. They have a way of getting away with most crimes they commit.

9. Burma

The corruption level of the police force of Burma is troubling the citizens here. These police forces make the victims pay for the criminal investigation that they take up.

They are known for extorting money from the civilians of the country.

10. Somalia

The police force of Somalia is ineffective and is underpaid because of which they indulge in stealing, extortion and bribery.

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