Sad: Mr. Psalm Adjetefio Has Been Confirmed Dead

by Ghnewslive
Psalm Adjetefio

How Psalm Adjetefio also known as TT Made Headlines In The Last Few Months To His Sad Death

It is unfortunate how the last moments of some people can be before they say their final goodbye on earth. There are many people who leave memories that will forever be remembered by the living. One of such is Mr. Psalm Adjetefio who is also known as TT.

He has trended the news headlines in the last few months to the extent that almost everyone in the country heard about what he was going through. Whilst most Ghanaians sympathized with him, others believed that he was over making his problems known to the public.

Unfortunately, he has given up the ghost but he made a lot of headlines in his last moment. When Psalm Adjetefio had the opportunity to grab the Microphone, he attracted the attention of Ghana’s Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia. The Vice President quickly intervened and donated an amount of GHC 50,000 to the actor.

Many applauded the Vice President, but they later began to ask questions about what Sam Adjetefio used the money for. He later told the world that he paid his rent and bought a vehicle for his son. Apart from the Vice President, the mayor of Accra also promised to make some monthly donations to him. At the studio of TV XYZ, the actor also received an envelope containing an undisclosed amount of money.

These were some of the many donations the late veteran actor received in his last days. At a point, there were allegations that TT had used all the monies donated to him to prepare some good food at home.


He also made some controversies in the last few days. The actor engaged in a banter with Mr. Clement Bonney who is also known as Mr. Beautiful about a donation Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi made to him to build two bedrooms. Mr. Beautiful referred to TT as ungrateful because he refused to use the money for its intended purpose. This issue raised a banter between the two actors.


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