The Criminal Record of Taylor Arrington

The Criminal Record of Taylor Arrington

Taylor Arrington discusses period control in prison in a video that has received over 11 million views. She explains in her video that she created her own tampons because they are difficult to get in county jails.

Her arrest did not control her life; instead, she used it to advocate for other women who were in a similar situation. Many women look up to her, and we are happy to have her as a member of the TikTok community.

TikTok star Taylor Arrington

With millions of followers, Taylor Arrington Harbor is a well-known TikTok user. The teen, however, has a troubled past; she was once found guilty of armed robbery and sentenced to jail.

She was just detained for DUI and could receive a prison sentence. She posted a TikTok after being arrested appealing for mercy and a pardon. After hearing the news, though, her supporters expressed concern for her future.

The Criminal Record of Taylor Arrington

Tayler Arrington spent time in jail and was charged with armed robbery prior to becoming a popular TikTok user. She chose to use the TikTok platform to make up for her sins as her crime was regarded as a first-time offense. She currently has over 1.5 million Twitter followers and 19,000 Instagram followers. Despite her past, her TikTok videos have helped people become more empowered.

Criminal record

The Criminal Record of Taylor Arrington

There is just one place to search for Taylor Arrington’s criminal history: Clay County, Florida. The young TikTok star has lately been charged with DUI and driving under the influence. In her videos, she talks about being an ex-convict and asking for sympathy.

Her admirers started to worry about her future after she posted a video on TikTok pleading for prayers and forgiveness. DUI and DWI charges were brought against her on July 8. The accusations are now public because they were published publicly on the internet police board.

Arrington was first targeted as the principal suspect in the case by the FBI in early 1997. They began surveillance of Arrington’s home in Hinsdale. They followed him on the Chicago expressway on March 20, but lost contact with him on that day. Upon discovering that Arrington had a criminal history, the FBI was waiting for him to return home. As he drove up in his Chevy Blazer, the FBI waited for him to turn around and run.

Status of her probation

The account of Taylor Arrington’s life includes a significant section on the status of his probation. Taylor Arrington was found guilty of robbing a drug dealer in high school.

He was on probation and had served seven months in jail. Additionally, he participated in a drug rehab program called Boot Camp. His mug shots were made widely available. Taylor Arrington was detained for seven months after a DUI offense in 2018.

Arrington claimed at her sentence hearing that her defense attorney had mishandled the presentation of evidence that could have affected the jury’s verdict. Her attorney specifically emphasized that she was merely a peripheral aid and was unaware of the purity of the medications.

The Court then ordered Arrington to receive inpatient care. Arrington was cautioned by the court during the hearing not to leave the facility without first getting approval from her probation office.

Previous arrests

If you’ve been following the story of Taylor Arrington and her criminal past, you might have been surprised to learn that she has already been arrested three times. The first arrest was for an armed robbery in Clay County in 2017. As a result of that crime, Taylor was put in jail and was sentenced to seven months in prison. Although she’s now out on probation, her prior convictions have left her with a difficult past.

In one case, Arrington was caught red-handed with the proceeds of a robbery in West Dundee. The second case he was arrested for involved the same robbery. It’s still unclear what the robbery proceeds were used for, but Arrington was convicted anyway. Among the other charges he was charged with was attempted deviant sexual assault and armed robbery.