The BBNaija 2022 Housemate: Everything You Need to Know About Chomzy


On the second day of the second group of housemates, which aired on July 24, 2022, Chomzy was publicly disclosed.

Fans of BBNaija should be ready to see what Chomzy has up her sleeve, including her dancing skills, she said in her profile video.

Chomzy claims that she experienced a broken heart and has been keeping it a secret from her friends. She enjoys drinking a lot.

The fifth resident from Imo state stated that she detests those who think they are better than others or who have an advantage over them.

Chomzy gave the following reasons why the other housemates would adore her personality: she is nice, kind, attractive, tall, caring, and generous.

Her approach is as straightforward as having fun, acting normally, winning more games, and avoiding nominations.

Her childhood dream directs her path to become a lawyer however her dreams have been geared towards other stuff with one being appearing on the most watched reality show in Nigeria.

She’s on the show to entertain and show her dancing skills although she’s focused on the money. She’s kind, generous, and caring. She’s the life of the party.

Speaking on some of the things she wouldn’t do, she stated that she wouldn’t have a physical fight in the house but rather engage in an argument and fight with her words.

Watch Chomzy’s Profile video below;