Thank You Dede – Netizens React On Twitter After Brazil Defeated South Korea

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Numerous netizens have cheered on the skipper of the Black Stars, Dede Ayew, after Brazil defeated South Korea by a 4-1 goal margin in yesterday’s match at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

It appears that the tragic fate suffered by Ghana in the last match encounter with the Uruguayan football team, has strangely become an omen of joy for Ghanaians.

In the football game with Uruguay, Ghana was awarded her first penalty in the 2022 FIFA World Cup against Uruguay. Be that as it may, Dede Ayew failed to convert the penalty which created a ruckus via social media.

A ton of Ghanaians roasted Dede Ayew for missing the penalty, causing the team’s exit from the tournament.

In any case, the story has changed as numerous Ghanaians have counted their blessings on Twitter, as they commend Dede Ayew, after Brazil washed out South Korea in their one-sixteenth game in the ongoing World Cup in Qatar.

In the first 45 minutes of the match, Brazil scored 4 solid goals against South Korea, and Ghanaians couldn’t be more glad on Twitter, over Black Stars’ exit, who otherwise would’ve been the side to clash with Brazil, in what would have been a disastrous outcome for Ghana. In light of this, Ghanaians, although disappointed by the performace of the Black Stars against Uruguay, have taken solace from the fact that things could’ve been worse had we played with Brazil yesterday.

Read a few remarks by netizens on Twitter….

@Berla Mundi: How I’m hugging Dede Ayew this December to show appreciation for what he did for us. Brazil would have dealt with us wotowoto

@Kalyjay: I think we have to say thank you to Dede Ayew cos Eii

@Wadedjay: Good morning boss last night aka Brazil go beat ghana wotototo Imagine baba rahman on the de left and Ati -zig been de keeper…hmmmm Pls Tell Dede ayew dat we are sorry for insulting him for not qualifying us……. #Royalsports

@Mr Asante: Dede Ayew really saved Ghana from disgrace

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