Ghanaian vocalist and enthralling song artiste, Kuami Eugene, has joined Empire Africa, to be managed and promoted as a musician, under their management umbrella. The consecutive hitmaker, in his new post on Twitter, spread the word to Ghanaians, that he has joined the record label.

Kuami Eugene, Black Sherif & Ruthy.

On October 19, 2022, Kuami Eugene tweeted that he has joined Empire Africa, and his announcement since then, has created a void of turmoil via social media, as fans and critics alike, measured their thoughts about his decision to part ways with Lynx Entertainment.

It is evidently obvious, that Empire Africa has made Black Sherif, an entire brand by dispersing his melodies to African countries, and further beyond. Based on this reality, some decisive reasoning online users have made a conclusion, that seems to suggest that Kuami Eugene’s volition to join the music record label, stems from the illustrious success achieved by Black Sherif under the label, hence Kuami Eugene’s choice, largely reflects on his perception of Black Sherif’s career accolades.

Whiles Black Sherif has had it generally simple, Ruthy, a showbiz pundit from Kumasi’s Nhyira FM, strongly believes that Kuami Eugene would have a rather more cumbersome experience under the label, despite his optimistic aura of positiveness.

Kuami Eugene.

It goes without saying that Black Sherif’s style of music is totally unique, and the wording he utilizes in his hooks and lyrics, has given him the edge to succeed with such ease at Empire, expressed by Ruthy, a skilled showbiz analyst based in the music entertainment space.

In any case, Kuami Eugene’s dependence on the local dialect Twi, in his music, prevents his possibilities of accomplishing the sort of overall entrance, that would give him the leeway to transform into a globally lauded artiste, like Black Sherif.

Ghanaian singer, Kuame Eugene is said to be in the process of signing out of his deal with Lynx Entertainment come December 2022.

Musical pundit, Ruthy Mummie De-nelson, notably known within the ranks of the Showbiz world as Ruthy, has expressed with all certainty and complete conviction, that everything has been laid out for Ghanaian music songwriter and prodigy, Kuami Eugene, to exclude his presence and embodiment from Lynx Entertainment.

Kuame Eugene
Kuame Eugene and Ruthy. Photo Credit: Gh Page

Based on individualistic analysis and carefully rooted investigation and observations, Ruthy, as experienced and well adept as she is in her field, says everything has been put in place for Kuami Eugene to conclude his professional working relationship with former Ghanaian singer, Richie Mensah, a course of action that seems to justify Kuami Eugene’s rather silent trend in terms of releasing new tunes, for the better part of 7 months.

As per Ruthy, during the studio sessions of SayIt television, Kuami Eugene has a ton of unreleased hit songs, notwithstanding, he is purposefully keeping that multitude amount of tracks, and will release them for mass enjoyment, just in the wake of signing out of his deal with Lynx Entertainment.

Kuame Eugene
Kuame Eugene

As a feature of his plans, Ruthy uncovered that Kuami Eugene has set into motion, his own YouTube page, which he intends on utilizing for his ventures in the wake of his departure from his ongoing label deal, before the year 2022 is over with.

SOURCE: www.ghnewslive.com

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