Ghana’s newest musical discovery, Black Sherif, has been marked for failure as an artiste in the next 5 years to come within the entertainment industry.

This is an assertion strikingly proclaimed by famous Ghanaian figure Dr. UN, during a discussion on Pure FM.

As per the Dr. UN, Ghanaians will become fed up of listening to Black Sherif after 5 years, and they will move on to the next big thing, much like how they’ve shoved aside the vast majority of artistes in the country.

He continued by comparing the rising artiste with Ghanaian rap legend, Sarkodie, expressing that Sarkodie has stayed dominant and relevant for more than 10 years, and that separates him from the rest of the bunch.

During his analysis, Dr. UN additionally stated that efforts have been made by a lot of people to get him to grant Black Sherif an award, yet, he believes the ‘Kweku The Traveller’ hitmaker isn’t established enough as an artiste to accept his lofty award.

Black Sherif will only get the chance to claim the award if he remains instrumental in the music industry after 5 years, which according to Dr. UN, will prove extremely difficult.

Dr. UN’s remark about Black Sherif has been negatively received by fans, as they fume with rage on social media.

They called the Ghanaian figure names, saying he doesn’t merit the spotlight of fame, however, Ghanaians have an inclination for putting individuals with less pertinence on the radar.

Mohammed Ismail Sherrif, born on January 9, 2002, expertly known as Black Sherif, is a Ghanaian vocalist and rapper.
He attained ubiquity in 2021 with his track “First Sermon” in May 2021. The second installment of the song, known as “Second Sermon” was Subsequently released on July.

Looking at the current pace of the music industry, Black Sherif has continuously maintained his consistent speed, and has taken over the Ghanaian music terrain, as any track he drops or adds a hook to, turns into an imminent classic.

In this way, it comes as no surprise that Sarkodie smartly took the initiative and collaborated with Ghana’s current music maestro, Black Sherif on his JAMZ album on the song, “Country Side”, which has turned into the most streamed song on the album project.

Responding to the influence of Black Sherif in the music scene, all-powerful DR. UN is convinced that Sarkodie ought to sharpen his creative skills as he continues to lose the rap spot ever since the rise of Black Sherif became evident in the circle of rap.

In the studios of Kumasi-based Pure Fm, DR. UN completely expressed that the Sarkodie Ghanaians knew isn’t the same artiste we have come to know now, because has lost the rap spot to Black Sherif.

Dr UN Makes Contemptful Remarks Towards Sarkodie Over Award Endorsement Claims
Sarkodie presented with an award from Dr UN. Photo Credit: Ghgossip.com

Dr UN Makes Contemptful Remarks Towards Sarkodie

From all accounts, indications, and unexplained reasons, it appears Dr UN, a Ghanaian public centered socialite, has enjoyed taking a rather irritable tone of appeal, in addressing Ghana’s most decorated artist, Sarkodie, by making ill-conceived assertions, as he remains convinced his award initiative has benefited Sarkodie beyond expectations, seeing as the artist is now accepted globally compared to his previously limiting reach to his international fan base.

In a new interview with AJ Poundz on Onua FM’s Adwuma midmorning show, Dr UN whose genuine name is Kwame Owusu Fordjour, said the award he bestowed on Sarkodie has universally intensified his image, and given him a worldwide platter of appeal.

The unwavering public head, was recorded speaking on the issue, saying, “Earlier, Sark was only known to the Ghanaian community abroad. For example, initially, when he travelled to New York, he was known by just the Ghanaian community there. When my award made it into international headlines, for example, BBC and CNN, that was the deal breaker for him.”

Evidently, the UN gave a vehement notice through various global media, stressing that Dr. Kwame Fordjour has no connection or ties with them. However Dr UN achieved quite the feat by elevating his relevance in the landscape of media publications. A thoughtful sentiment he expresses, and seeks to extend to Sarkodie, as he says the art of branding, starts off from that point.

Dr UN Makes Contemptful Remarks Towards Sarkodie Over Award Endorsement Claims
Dr UN & Sarkodie.

“Every award scheme is limited to the local community, but my initiative was way bigger. Now people in high places, like pastors and high commissioners, know Sarkodie,” he declared.

He further unveiled that the honor he bestowed was uncommonly prearranged with assistance from specified agents, government officials and high commissioners.

Finishing his point, he concluded by saying, “So Sarkodie shouldn’t have listened to the masses. Now the world knows Sarkodie, so my award isn’t fake.”

SOURCE: Ghnewslive.com

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