Video Of A Small Child Playing & Having Fun With A Python Hits The Internet

We have chanced upon a video of a small boy doing what most adults will be scared of doing.

In the video, this small boy was seen playing and having fun with a huge python. The video has garnered many varied reactions after hitting social media.

Watch the video below;

Some reactions the post got are;

swallowedinthesea11 – This is so beautiful, priceless, beatific, heartening, humbling, encouraging, precious, and inspiring! My body’s riotously convulsing and I’m crying from everlasting joy as I type this at 47 WPM!

Alex Burgess – I’m surprised a python strike back at them but the python kept it cool and I could just imagine the python drag him away while we sit on it

Arnab Deka – It’s funny, the child doesn’t know fear yet, if we can teach kids about danger without the fear bit, this world would be filled with so called super humans

Yamagama Beast – Pythons never eat humans due to their animal instinct. Humans are never meant to be seen as preys. However, pythons can attack humans for self-defense or to protect their nests and these attacks are always a strike or like a punch but never by a constriction.


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