Senior Prefect Of Mawuko Girls SHS Caught On Tape Having sekx With Her Ho Poly Boyfriend

We have sighted a video that captured the bedroom session of the girls’ prefect of Mawuko Girls SHS and her boyfriend.

Per what we gathered, the guy is a student of Ho Technical University and after going viral on social media, it has really garnered some reactions.

It is being alleged that the video was leaked by the guy’s friends who saw it on his phone and shared it on the popular social media platform, SnapChat.

The girl in the video skipped school in order to visit her boyfriend and in the course of their bedroom interaction, they decided to record it and watch how it went after, and the lady was fully aware that the guy was recording the session. She liked it and decided to keep mute and not complain.

We would have loved to share the video, however, due to our policies, we can’t as it goes against our advertising rules and regulations. The video has also raised questions on why people keep on recording themselves when having intercourse with their partners.


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