Sheena Gakpe Has Overthrow Moesha Budguong As She Shares New Photos

by Ghnewslive
Sheena Gakpe

Sheena Gakpe has now become one of the curviest Ghanaian celebrities as people think she has overthrown Meosha.

Sheena Gakpe: Have you ever wondered who the curviest Ghanaian Instagram model is? There are a lot of beautiful and endowed models in the country.

Well, they are all popular and gorgeous in every sense. It may be very difficult to select the curviest Ghanaian Instagram model but it’s not a big deal as well.

In this article, I have agreed to share with my readers some pictures of Sheena Gakpe, the Instagram model who can completely overthrow the current queen of curvy women in the country Moesha Budguong. I won’t just share her pictures but I will tell you what she does and some of her achievements.

Sheena Gakpe is an Eve, she’s a social media influencer, and actress and she has also starred in numerous music videos in the country. Sheena Gapke is said to be one of the curviest Ghanaian models.

She’s not just tall but also she’s curvy and her backside looks too heavy to be the second on the list of top models with huge shapes. Sheena is one and only. She’s Sheenagakpe on Instagram and her account is followed by 68k people. A lot of these followers are men.

Below are some impressive pictures of Sheena Gakpe the top Instagram model with an endowed shape and chest who is winning the hearts of millions with her beauty online;

Sheena Gakpe
Sheena Gakpe

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