Shatta Wale Kneels Down To Apologize After Failing To Perform At The Hogbetsotso Beach Rave

Ghanaian Blogger, Ronnie is Everywhere, has shared a video reflecting the moment Shatta Wale contritely went kneeling down to apologize to the Executive Director of Total Family Health Organization and brand proprietor of Ebony Condoms, Joseph Addo-Yobo over the Hogbetsotso Festival incident.

Days prior, Africa’s most embellished musician took to the internet to give clarifications to his nonappearance at the Hogbetsotso Beach Rave which took place at Tegbi in the Volta Region of Ghana.

It was recently reported that Shatta Wale, the show’s intended performer, failed to announce his presence in front of the expectant crowd, although he arrived at the scene, and was even spotted with his team in leased cars made available by the show coordinators.

“It is interesting to note that Shatta Wale had shown up at the venue of the concert in vehicles rented for him and his team by the organizers yet could not be found afterwards.

All efforts by the two management teams to get him to come to the concert grounds to perform to the waiting crowd proved futile,” portions of the statement from the coordinators indicated.

Shatta Wale on his knees apologizing for his absence at the Hogbetsotso Beach Rave festival.

Clearly, various fans, as well as the show coordinators were left absolutely dismayed after the incident occured, which is the reason why the Dancehall king gave his account of the story via social media.

Following quite a while of quietness, Shatta Wale has taken to the internet to provide explanations behind his nonappearance at the event.

Shatta Wale said he was driven straightforwardly to a radio broadcast medium to give an interview, after he previously had a concurrence with the coordinators that he wouldn’t take part in anything of that sort, nor greet any chief either.

He added that one of the coordinators affirmed to deny him of his lounging reservations, if he didn’t go through with the interview, and that was the point at which he took off.

In this new turn of events, Shatta Wale’s godfather, Bola Ray, took it upon himself by leading him to the show coordinator to apologize to him for the awful circumstance.

Shockingly, the controversial artiste went kneeling down to apologize to Joseph Addo-Yobo, however, he was immediately approached to get up in light of the fact that a man of his calibre ought not to be seen on his knees.

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