Setor Sends Emotional Message To Funny Face


Setor of GMB 2021 has Send Emotional Message To Funny Face is a Medical Doctor

Setor is the 1st Runner Up of the 2021 edition of Ghana’s Most Beautiful show. Dr. Setor is a Doctor by profession and she has a license as a medical doctor, she had penned down an emotional message to Ghanaian comedian and entertainer, Funny Face.

As part of her purpose and ambitions, Dr. Setor made it part of her vision to stand from the mentally challenged people, and it seems Funny Face is her first challenge after the show.

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Taking to her Facebook page, Dr. Setor promised Funny Face that he is dearly loved and cared for by everyone. She said even though the world might not understand what he is going through, but she, being a medical doctor, does understand.

She further promised to be there for him whenever he needs someone to talk to.

"I will be here when you need someone to weather the storm, it will surely get better, all hope is not lost. We will walk through these phases together to show the whole world there is light at the end of every dark tunnel" part of her statement read.

She also assured Funny Face that things will get better.

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