Serwaa Amihere Leaves Netizens Stunned After She Asked About Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Ghanaian media character, Serwaa Amihere has left many individuals amazed subsequent to getting some information about the side effects of pregnancy in her most recent post.

The honor-winning character posed this inquiry in a new post she made on her confirmed virtual entertainment handle on the well-known web-based entertainment stage, Twitter.

The post she made peruses;

“Abeg what are the side effects of pregnancy?”

Some reactions the post got are;

@BongoIdeas – Lol. We know this strategy to get people talking and speculating. Nobody’s fallin for it.

@rashidabbeyy – Sperm enter your insides and you’re looking for symptoms?? Wait for the baby

@kofi_francis – Symptoms for teenage pregnancy or adult pregnancy?

@shabakunte – The question itself is a symptom,. googling it is also a symptom

@ohenemega – When you start craving for certain kinds of foods( foods with more pepper).
Also when your senses sharpen; you hear, see and smell things far off, that wasn’t so at first
Then body changes, feeling more sleepy and tired, and feverish, also unusual craving for sex all the time


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