Trending hotel video of Hajia Bintu trends online

Hajia Bintu trends online after her semi-nude video was released

After a semi-n@ked hotel video from her closet surfaced online, Hajia Bintu, the Ghanaian socialite and influencer known for her rear on the internet, sparked a huge uproar.

Hajia Bintu was wearing a cream crochet bikini in this viral video that had people talking, revealing her sultry thighs and hips, which many guys would kill for.

It appears that a man who was in the hotel room with Hajia Bintu captured the footage.

At the moment, we can’t tell if Hajia Bintu shares some sort of romantic ties with the man or not but some social media users have strongly opined in the comments section of the video that the invisible man is the socialite’s sugar daddy.

Watch the video below to know more… VIDEO

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