Full video of Kwadaso SDA nursing training students atopa marathon

Two first-year students from the Kwadaso SDA Nursing Training College have unexpectedly found themselves in the spotlight for the incorrect reasons.

In a shocking turn of events, two first-year students from the Kwadaso SDA Nursing Training College have found themselves thrust into the limelight for all the wrong reasons. Since then, the episode has spurred a flurry of conversations about privacy, consent, and the effects of digital vulnerability.

After one of the participants gave her phone to a coworker for repairs, the sources claim that the sexual video was unintentionally disclosed.

Unknowingly to her, the blackmailer discreetly copied the video from the device and subsequently approached the female student with a sinister demand.

The extortionist demanded GHs5,000 from the young woman and threatened to release the compromising video if she failed to comply.

Trapped in a distressing predicament, the female student found herself unable to meet the blackmailer’s financial demands.

Struggling to gather such a substantial sum, she faced the daunting prospect of having her personal life exposed to the world.

Regrettably, despite her best efforts, the video was ultimately released online, leading to significant repercussions for both her and her boyfriend.


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