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Sarkodie Discloses Vulnerable Traits About Himself To The Public

Sarkodie has finally disclosed vulnerable traits about himself

Glamorously celebrated honor-winning rapper, Michael Owusu Addo, referred to well as Sarkodie, has taken to his social media page to share a part of himself, that reveals his personal challenges, and the coping mechanisms he deploys in resolving such mental difficulties.

Sarkodie Discloses Vulnerable Traits About Himself To The Public
Award winning rapper, Sarkodie.

As per Sarkodie, he now and again causes a few tough spots in his mind that for some unexplained reasons, does not even exist. He unveiled that he does that to find answers to these issues he concocts in his mind.

This disclosure from Sarkodie made a portion of his fans likewise share their encounters after he uncovered he was struggling with a “difficult situation” in his mind.

Sarkodie uncovered that all he does is sit and foster inexistent circumstances in his mind and attempt to make sense of them.

Sarkodie Discloses Vulnerable Traits About Himself To The Public
Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie.

He tweeted, “I randomly difficult situations that don’t exist in my head then, try to solve them, and the moment I’m figuring it out I make it more complicated… don’t know who can relate and if it’s normal… happens almost daily”.

After sharing this tweet, a couple of fans have likewise related with comparative struggles similar to that of the rapper..Read a few remarks underneath;

Sarkodie Discloses Vulnerable Traits About Himself To The Public

@Abdul Hakeem: It’s because of your zodiac sign. That’s typical of people who were born with Cancer. Over-thinks and over-analyze a single situation in multiple scenarios and then find solutions to every single one of those scenarios.

@Kalyjay: Mine is a bit different. I just set unrealistic targets and do my best to meet them. Usually I’m way behind the target and it helps me sit up.

@Maizin: For me, it’d be when I’m driving. I picture every possible thing that could go wrong and what I would do if that happens. It keeps me focused and ready for other drivers ‘nonsense’.

@Mirpuri: It’s normal l for you to overthink situations. This happens to you because you’re a Cancer born on July 10. Classic overthinkers! Asides Cancer, there are four other zodiac signs that are known overthinkers, namely Virgo, Gemini, Pisces and Libra.

@Fiifi jnr: We both can agree that, most these scenarios often happen in the future and even if not in our own lives, in the lives of the people around us Which makes us look like we are really wise, but we just had solved it in the past before it happen I think it’s a gift tbh.


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