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Sad Photos Of Two Nursing Students Crashed To Death Drop

Nursing Students

Here are the sad photos of the two nursing students who were killed in an accident.

Here is all you need to know about the two Nursing students who died in an accident. The home of Mr. Kwame Kissi Sam at Asankragwa in the Amenfi West District of the Western Region is currently in a state of shock and mourning.

Several persons have thronged to the house to sympathize with the family over what can best be described as a heartbreaking moment.

Their stepdaughter, Priscilla Antwi Williams had returned from Winneba after spending the Christmas break with her real parents. She reported to the Asankragwa Nursing and Midwifery College and came home to see her guardians.

Her school daughter, whose name has been given as Ellen Kwofie came with her and the two had a good time together. They moved to the saloon to fix their hair and came back home to prepare food with the entire family.

The night was gradually catching up with them and they decided to leave back for school. It was a walking journey but the two decided to join pragyia since they had other duties to catch up in school. This is where the sad news occurred.

Sad Photos Of Two Nursing Students Crashed To Death Drop

The pragyia they joined had an accident and that led to the instant death of the two nursing students. The Father of Priscilla Antwi Williams was informed about the sad news of the passing of his daughter a few minutes after she left home.

He rushed to the accident scene and found the lifeless bodies of his daughter and her school daughter lying helplessly. They could not survive the accident and had died instantly.

Sad pictures of the two have popped up and sympathizers cannot hold on to their tears. They were brilliant students who had a beautiful future but death has suddenly ended it all. Priscilla Antwi Williams is seen in a graduation gown whilst Ellen Kwofie is seen in a nursing uniform.

Priscilla was a level 300 student whilst her school daughter, Ellen had just entered her second year. The family of Ellen is yet to arrive at Asankragwa to see the lifeless body of their daughter.

They looked very healthy with no signs of giving up life soon but death, they say is inevitable and their time is finally up. The entire student population and staff of the Asankragwa Nursing and Midwifery College cannot hold on to the sad news.

Priscilla had returned and was only left with a few days to complete school but the unfortunate has happened. Their lifeless bodies have since been deposited at the mortuary awaiting further investigations and autopsy.

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