Romi Bhatia: Know About The Wife Of Famous Cricketer Kapil Dev

Who is Romi Bhatia

Who is Romi Bhatia

Romi Bhatia is an Indian businesswoman and the spouse of former Indian cricketer and coach Kapil Dev. Romi is an entrepreneur who manages her well-known business. Along with her other job, she also runs her partner’s motel.

Romi Bhatia Early Life, Parents and Siblings

Romi, the celebrity spouse, was born to her parents in the Indian capital of Delhi in 1960. Romi Bhatia is 62 years old.

Romi Bhatia Education

Kapil Dev’s wife received her diploma from a local high school in her hometown. She enrolled at Delhi University to start her higher study. Romi obtained a management-related diploma. She’s always had intellectual talent.

Romi Bhatia and Kapil Dev Marriage

Romi’s love life tale is a fascinating one. Through Sunil Bhatia, a friend of Kapil Dev’s, Romi Bhatia first met Kapil Dev at a party in 1979. They both experience love at first sight. After a few months, Kapil asked her to marry him on a local train, and she accepted.

The couple eventually got hitched in the year 1980 after a few months. She and her spouse enjoy their marriage. She is the mother of “Amiya Dev,” one of her daughters. She gave birth to her daughter on January 14, 1994. She is not on social media because of her hectic work schedule.

Romi Bhatia husband Kapil Dev

Indian former cricketer Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj was born on January 6, 1959. He was a fast-medium bowler as well as a hard-hitting middle-order batsman. He was recognized as the Indian Cricketer of the Century by Wisden in 2002.

As the first captain of his country, Dev led the Indian cricket team to victory in the 1983 Cricket World Cup. Dev, who is 24 years old, is still the youngest captain to have guided a side to a World Cup triumph.

When he retired in 1994, he still held the record for most wickets in a single Test match. Courtney Walsh eventually beat him in that feat in 2000.

Romi Bhatia’s Net Worth

She works as the manager of the hotel owned by her husband. She also has other independent sources of income aside from this.

Romi Bhatia’s net worth as of December 2021 ranges from 10 to 15 crores of Indian rupees.