Regina Daniels Shows Her Step-children To Make A List Of Things They Want – Video

Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels is a young mother of one, she is married to one of the billionaires in Nigeria, she was in the news after she got married to her husband, many said that she was too young for the man.

She is not the only one her husband has as a wife, and she recently admitted that she knows her husband can marry another wife anytime he wants. As we all know Regina Daniels is a free and lovely person, she hits the internet with a funny video, and it is all about asking all her stepchildren what they want.

The children happily listed all they want and this list will surprise you, many have reacted to the video after it was dropped on Instagram.

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See the video below

Each of the children kept adding iPhone 12 and a Macbook to the list of things they want, and there is this question of how come they all want this item at this age.

Money is not the problem here because their Father is Ned Nwoko who has the cash but is Regina Daniels just asking them or making fun out of them or she will buy all the things they listed.

This brought a lot of comments from her fans and other internet or social media users.

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