30 LIFE LESSONS TO LEARN BEFORE AGE 30!!!! – Sibusisiwe Lukhele

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30 LIFE LESSONS TO LEARN BEFORE AGE 30!!!! - Sibusisiwe Lukhele

30 LIFE LESSONS TO LEARN BEFORE AGE 30!!!! – Sibusisiwe Lukhele

Young people (13-30) please gather here. Stop sharing memes, stop scrolling, get your pen and paper and come and learn/unlearn.

  1. 1. The stretch between the age 20-30 is very critical. Use your twenties to build your life. Be careful of these three things, for they change your future forever: Friendships, Sexual Relationships, Habits.

2. Be a student. I don’t mean inside a classroom. Keep asking. Keep knocking. Keep questioning. Read. Find a mentor. Be coachable. Question your philosophy of life often and find things to change. Keep learning. Keep unlearning. Keep a journal and jot down life lessons as you go.

3. Your friends at 20, may not be your friends at age 30. Your boyfriend at 15 may not be your life partner. Life has a funny way of shifting things around. People evolve. You will keep changing as you grow. Don’t make permanent commitments with temporary people. Learn to let go. Allow life to make those adjustments.

4. Go to work to work. If you make friendships at work, great but more often than not the friendships at work may not last after you leave work. Don’t attach to a company, organization, role. Explore and be okey with starting afresh.

5. If you can delay making babies, please do so.

6. Take opportunities. At 20, 25, 30 you don’t have much to lose. If you fail, take the lesson. Don’t be scared to try. The opinions don’t matter.

7. Learn to communicate. In your own language, and in English. Write in full, try to construct proper sentences. Dot your Is and Cross your Ts. Learn and master your elevator pitch (who are you, what do you do, and what do you hope to achieve).

8. Learn how to effectively use social media. It’s important to understand how social media works if you want to stay relevant in this age.

9. Learn to save. Save at least 30% of your income.

10. Become valuable. Learn a new skill. Learn a new language. Learn. The money will follow your value.

11. Speak up. There is no need to shrink. The only way to grow your confidence is to speak up.

12. Work hard and make no excuses. Life rewards those that work hard.

13. Don’t blame the government, it’s pointless.

14. Comparison is the thief of joy. Practise gratitude and be content with what you have.

15. Honor your parents. They have been around long enough to know what works.

16. Be careful of the following: Drugs, Sex and Alcohol. A lot of lives have been ruined by these.

17. Every person you meet can teach you something. Always take the lesson.

18. Your health is your wealth. Holistic wealth includes physical, social, mental, spiritual and emotional.

19. Time is money. Always try to be punctual. Don’t procrastinate. Recognize time wasters in your life and make the necessary adjustments.

20. Never fear criticism. Never fear being judged. Never fear failure. The only thing you should be afraid of is REGRET!

21. Not all arguments are necessary. Save your energy!

22. Start investing as soon as you can. Learn about compound interest and use time to make it work for you. This talks to your finances and habits.

23. Learn to manage your emotions. It’s important!

24. Love yourself. It starts within not without. All the other forms of love are sweet bonuses, that you get to enjoy, receive and reciprocate after you learn to love yourself.

25. The internet does not forget. Be careful of what you publish online.

26. Choose your life partner carefully. It’s critical who you marry.

27. Believe in a higher power, something above yourself. You sleep better at night knowing that where your strength ends, there is someone above you who takes care of it all.

28. Love the journey more than the destination. Be present in each moment. Appreciate your current achievements while you work for more.

29. Travel the world. Meet new people. Explore. Don’t limit your reality of life to your present. Life is big.

30. You create the life you want, it doesn’t just happen. Plan. Set goals. Be intentional. What you do or not do today will affect how you eventually turn out in life.

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Lastly LIVE!!! No I don’t mean YOLO, just live! Find interesting things about life and enjoy them. Enjoy moments with your loved ones, enjoy the sound of birds chirping. Enjoy nature. Laugh. Dress up. Enjoy your cup of coffee. Life is to be lived. Put your phone down and enjoy life.

Your big Sis,
Sbucy ❤️

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