Reactions to Rich GH kid gets police escort as he steps out to buy a burger

Rich GH kid gets police escort

A rich Ghanaian kid who is presumed to be related to one of the top politicians in Ghana has become the talk of the town after getting a special police escort.

The kid stepped out to buy a burger, the young gentleman received a special police escort which ensured that he did not stay in the traffic.

Per the video, he had a motorcade ahead of his Land Cruiser car in which he was been driven by a trained driver.

The motorcade went ahead of him to ensure that the road was clear for him to the drive-thru.

Many netizens have reacted to the video considering the special treatment he was given simply because he was rich and connected.

The video which was shared on TikTok was sharply deleted after it went viral. Meanwhile, the police have been encouraged to trace the identity of the rich kid and get him arrested.

Check out the video below…


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