Sheena Gakpe was spotted doing the most with her backside as she rivals Hajia Bintu- Watch

Sheena Gakpe

Sheena Gakpe got social media users talking after she shared a video of her big backside.

Women’s homologous backside has become priceless to them in the contemporary setup which is why the flagrant display of butts has become the norm lately.

Moreover, social media has played a huge role in redefining this new craze where women think their backside has the potential to open more doors for them than their intelligence.

Well, since the average Ghanaian man goes wild when a huge backside is tossed in his face, we have culled a template from the camp of Sheena Gakpe.

We spotted her making a huge statement with her incredible backside which ultimately makes what Hajia Bintu has a ‘child’s play.’

In other news, A mum and daughter have taken over the internet after their amazing dance video was shared online. This 2022 has been hot so far as people seem to be chilling, we are hoping this year brings a new level of blessings.

There is nothing in this world as beautiful as the relationship between mother and child most especially when it comes to daughters. One young lady with the Instagram handle @ Khadija has shared a sweet video of herself dancing with her mum and this video has gone viral.

The video gathered over half a million views and although South Africans were left impressed by their dance moves, they were confused as well.

Social media users had difficulty in telling them apart. They had no idea who was the mum and who was the daughter.

Watch the video below ;


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