‘I’m Having Difficulties Finding A Boyfriend Because Of What I Do On Instagram’ – Top Slay Queen, Queen Mandy Kiss

One of the ladies who are parading themselves as Nigeria’s slay queens, Mandy Kiss has lamented about the fact that she is without a guy who she can call her boyfriend.

According to her, her activities on the popular social media platform, Instagram are blocking her chances of having a handsome man to share her life with at the moment.

In her view, the kind of posts she shares is the main reason adding that she is really concerned about where her life is going and she made this known in a video that has gone viral.

In the video, she indicated that she is not as bad as she portrays on social media adding that everything she does on Instagram is for cruise and nothing more.

Mandy Kiss said;

“It’s hard for me to see bf cos of my content. Unfortunately, I’m not what you guys think I am. It’s just content.”

Watch the video below;


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