Quang Tran Biography: Career, Net Worth, Wife & More

Quang Tran Biography: Career, Net Worth, Wife & More

For those who understand how it operates, YouTube has grown to be a significant source of income. Quang Tran, a Canadian, is one such individual who has made a lucrative profession out of discussing cuisine on YouTube. What is his net worth, and who is his wife?

The Canadian food critic’s life story, professional accomplishments, wealth, and spouse will all be covered in this piece.

What have you heard about Quang Tran?

If you are one person who frequently goes on YouTube to watch videos about different kinds of food, you may have come across his videos as he creates content around food.

If you have not heard about him, you will get to know him after making the time to read this article to the very end.

Quang Tran Biography

Quang Tran Biography: He is a Canadian YouTuber and social media star who is well-known for his videos criticizing and tasting food.

He was born in Canada to Vietnamese parents.

After their marriage, they went to Canada before Quang was born.

It is, however, uncertain when he was born.

Since he was a little child, Quang Tran has been fascinated by both eating and working out.

He loved to cook and experiment with cuisines from many cultures and customs since he loved the food his mother made.

With the purpose of helping others with bodybuilding, Quang started working as a gym trainer.

However, his main passion was food and cooking, so he decided to follow that route.


Quang started posting videos of his gym workouts on his YouTube page in 2014, but they didn’t draw much attention.

Quang made a 180-degree turn and accepted a 20,000-calorie eating challenge.

Over 2.5 million people have watched the film, which became a YouTube phenomenon.

More than 2.41 million people are already subscribers to Quang Tran content on YouTube.

With all these subscribers, what is Quang Tran net worth?

Let’s find out.

Net Worth

Quang Tran net worth is mainly from his earnings on YouTube, how much does he earn?

With a lot of people viewing his videos, he is expected to have earned a lot of money for himself.

The estimated net worth of Quang Tran is $800,000.

Social media advertisements and brand alliances with well-known firms are his primary sources of income.

More than 545,094,879 people have watched videos on his YouTube account.

These days, a lot of people have made full-time careers out of YouTubing as they earn a lot of money from the views they get from the videos they make to entertain and also to inform people.

With this number of views, Quang will certainly make a lot of money.

Who is Quang Tran wife? Is the YouTuber married?

Quang Tran Wife

Quang has been seeing a woman for the past two years, although he is not married.

He calls her Kitty and frequently features her in his movies. We can’t call the said lady his wife because they aren’t legally tied to each other as a couple.


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