Lil Wayne Is Looking For $30 Million For His Miami Beach Island Mansion

Lil Wayne Is Looking For $30 Million

Lil Wayne Is Looking For $30 Million

Lil Wayne: You may have heard that the market for luxury real estate has considerably decreased from only one year ago while loan rates are skyrocketing. However, these difficulties are not deterring musician Lil Wayne from asking a high price for his Miami Beach island house.

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For $29.5 million, Lil Wayne has put his 10,600 square foot waterfront property in Miami on the market.

He purchased the house in 2017, following its speculative construction, and is its first owner. The spec builder originally paid $4.4 million for the lot in 2013, but it took them nearly four years and countless millions of dollars in construction fees to finish the project.

Lil Wayne paid $16.75 million for the property and finalized the deal in December 2018. If all goes according to plan, Weezy will have made a profit of almost $13 million in just under four years of ownership.

The incredible mansion is situated on a 24,000 square-foot lot on Allison Island, smack dab in the middle of Biscayne Bay. In addition to seven bedrooms The home has all the amenities you would expect from a home in Miami owned by a major celebrity, all of which are on display in these two video tours: Six months before buying the above mansion, Lil Wayne accepted a $10 million offer for a mansion on Miami’s La Gorce island.

Unfortunately, that offer constituted a $1.6 million LOSS compared to the $11.6 million purchase price he paid in August 2011, and a significant reduction from the $18 million offer price he originally sought in October 2015. That former house was infamous for a number of reasons.

First off, it featured a roof-top skate park and a lagoon stocked with actual sharks. This is also where Lil Wayne was the subject of numerous swatting incidents that became so common, Miami PD began reaching out directly to Wayne before sending in the cavalry.

Unclear if Lil Wayne has already purchased or intends to purchase a new mansion in Miami. A little over a year ago he paid $14.5 million for a mansion in the extremely suburban California city of Hidden Hills. Perhaps he’s done with Florida life and the Miami party scene?