Nurse Warn: Putting things in your Vjay to make it tight Is Dangerous (video)


A Ghanaian nurse has given some advice to young women who use lotions to make their private parts tighter so that males can enjoy them.

There are several lotions and herbal remedies on the market that assist women to keep themselves clean, but many of them go beyond the natural.

Because sex has become a part of most men and women’s everyday routines, there is a constant need to keep locations in tip-top form so that they can enjoy sex to the maximum.

Ladies, on the other hand, use drugs that constrict the vjay, making it more delightful for the men, while men take concoctions to last longer in bed to satisfy their women.

The drugs used to keep the vjay tight, according to the Ghanaian nurse in the video below, have long-term adverse effects on individuals who use them.

She emphasized that, aside from sex, one of the primary causes of cervical cancer is the insertion of abnormal materials into the vjay

To discover more, watch the video below.