Peter Schjeldahl Cause of Death

Peter Schjeldahl cause of death

Peter Schjeldahl Cause of Death

Peter Schjeldahl was a well-known art critic, poet, and educator. He was the chief critic for The New Yorker and also wrote for several other publications, including ARTnews and The Village Voice. Although he was renowned for his work, he died from unnatural causes.

He was a lifelong smoker

A well-known writer and art critic, Peter Schjeldahl, died at age 79 after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. His illness had been treatable with immunotherapy, but he was never able to fully recover. In his final days, Schjeldahl reminisced on his life, his career, and his history as a smoker.

Sadly, Schjeldahl was a cigarette smoker throughout his life. His life was punctuated by the smoking habit he cultivated, and the result was a life-threatening disease. Though his diagnosis was unexpected, the cancer eventually killed him. In fact, he confessed to having a “distant crush” on Morton before her death.

He misplaced his breath

Peter Schjeldahl misplaces his breath. He has been a smoker all his life, and now has a terminal illness. When his treatment ends, he starts to misplace his breath. This is a harrowing and dissonant duet, but the film is also compelling.

Schjeldahl was born in Fargo, North Dakota, in 1942. As a teenager, he thought he would become a sports writer. However, he dropped out of college and got a job at a publication in Jersey City, New Jersey. He then travelled back and forth between the two cities, and there he met other poets like Frank O’Hara and Kenneth Koch. He was also an educator.

He was a master at his craft

Despite his age, Peter Schjeldahl’s life was not always a charmed one. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and was given only six months to live. In addition to being diagnosed with cancer, Schjeldahl lost his apartment in a fire and his wife was forced into lockdown due to a global health crisis. His cancer diagnosis reshaped his life and shaped his art.

Peter Schjeldahl was born in Fargo, North Dakota, on March 20, 1942. He studied at Carleton College in Minnesota, but left before graduating. In 1962, he started working as a staff writer at The Jersey Journal in New Jersey. Later, he studied poetry in Paris, and moved to New York in 1965. He later became an art critic for the New Yorker.

He wrote about art from his sheer passion for it

In addition to his scholarly knowledge of New York’s art scene, Peter Schjeldahl had a keen eye for style and wit. His reviews, which were renowned for their clarity and lack of art jargon, appealed to a broader audience.

Schjeldahl had a long history in the art world and won several awards for his writing. His contributions included a Guggenheim Fellowship and the Clark Prize for Excellence in Arts Writing. He was also the recipient of the Howard Vursell Memorial Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He is survived by his wife, daughter, grandson and four siblings.

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